Customer review: YPIL

YPIL (Your Process in Line), specialist in the field of computer networks, system management and consultancy, was looking for a monitoring solution. Manager Bas Roering: “I was looking for a monitoring solution that did not require too much resources and configuration from servers and networks, nor should there be too many infrastructural matters open for proper functioning. It was also important that I could use a VPS (Virtual Private Server) as a Cloud solution. If it did not meet this, it was not my choice. ”

YPIL received a personal demonstration through the TSMS apllication from the TSMS helpdesk. This showed that the technical part was covered and also the Cloud part proved to be no problem. Because the new customer had not yet signed an SLA, Bas Roering waited some time before implementation. He also wanted to wait until TSMS could run on Windows Server 2016, this of course to be directly “to keep up with times”.

When asked about the importance of TSMS for YPIL, Bas Roering replied: “A powerful tool to get things noticed and to be able to act proactively, so my SLA customer is satisfied with the response times.”

It is also valuable, that on the customer side only 2 ports should be opened for communication and that it also does nothing other than monitoring. Immediately taking over and opening logs may seem like nice extras, but makes it much more complex and technically too open.

“This simple approach to monitoring, archiving and reporting is straightforward and technically the safest (in my opinion).”

– Bas Roering, directeur YPIL, Your Process in Line –

Other benefits that YPIL experiences when using TSMS are:

  • the helpdesk of Triangle Solutions, they always respond quickly and adequately.
  • the training offered, which is a big help for setting up this tool box.
  • the possibility to set up various users. So that customers can possibly look into their own IT (specifically in my situation).

Bas Roering’s conclusion is that he will certainly recommend TSMS to relationships. His SLA customers receive this monitoring automatically, depending on the chosen module, so his management benefits from it.