About us

Our culture

The Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) has been used to map out our corporate culture. A few conclusions:

“Triangle Solutions scores highest on family culture. The company consists of a close-knit team, in which there is a lot of consultation in a team. There are many contact moments between the employees where they are open to feedback. Triangle Solutions mainly works on customer demand and request and is co-operative. therefore very flexible. “

“There is a clear division of tasks within the company. The employees know what is expected of them. In addition, information is continuously exchanged and coordinated with external parties and customers.”

“They have an eye for the needs and wishes of the customers and are happy to include this in their decisions, products and services. With the current projects they prove as a company that they are open to change and want to adapt to the environment.”

“Their main goal is not to maximize profit or to knock out competitors. In addition, the employees are not competitive, but prefer to work towards success as a team.”


Triangle Solutions has been founded in 2000 in Fryslân, a province in the north of the Netherlands. The starting point of the founders was a user-friendly and efficient tooling, quickly implementable, no unnecessary features and no expensive consultancy. Therefore in collaboration with the University of Groningen was started developing TSMS (Triangle Solutions Monitoring System), a monitoring tool. Large packages with many unnecessary features and long or even infinite implementations prevailed at that time in this market.

The first customer of TSMS was already implemented in the first year. In subsequent years TSMS was further developed and expanded. Also customized on customer request in order to reach an effective and efficient monitoring adapted to its surroundings.

Triangle Solutions was asked for a solution to monitor the data usage in a company. After a survey among our existing customers and an extensive market research, we concluded that there were no simple solutions for monitoring the internal data usage of companies. In 2009 began the development of our new solution: VDSS (Vital Data Security System).This solution had to keep track of data abuse, but also detect the (incorrect) usage of data by employees and system administrators.

Mission & vision

We offer a flexible solution, because no IT environment is identical. For that reason our solution TSMS is made for organizations, which want to be flexible in their IT monitoring and reporting.

We want to offer you a monitoring solution:

  • without a long/endless duration of implementation
  • without expensive consultancy
  • without unnecessary features
  • without hidden costs

TSMS is quickly implementable, with adjustable features and the possibility of tailor made.
TSMS offers a monitoring solution for the critical client, but also for those with special requirements and specific hardware.

In the future TSMS will continue to offer their clients flexibility and insight into their IT-monitoring and reporting. We will create monitoring adapted to unique hardware and program completely customized solutions. In this way we will develop ourselves and gain new insights about monitoring.