Benefits TSMS

Client Server Solutions
Network components are locally monitored via the TSMS Agent. The TSMS Agent takes care of a correct filtering of the information. Because of this, the local SNMP traffic is considerably limited.  TSMS is a concept that takes into account both your practical and technical requirements into account.

Powerful filtering with minimal impact on production systems
TSMS has minimal impact on your production systems and generates only a small amount of network communication. The TSMS Agent monitors for instance fileservers, applications, network components and printers and takes care of an immediately correct filtering of the information. This is why the network load is substantial reduced.

By using MAC (Mandatory Access Control) TSMS Super users can assign permissions to others for monitoring certain IT networks. Therefore TSMS users only get information about the systems for which they are responsible. For example you can give a customer watch rights to his own environment.

Throughout the application, you have access to the help function of TSMS. Here you can find the document “how to get started” to help you with the TSMS implementation and start monitoring. You can also click on any point in the application on the Help link for more information at that point.

Quick installation and implementation
From downloading TSMS till the monitoring of one agent can be done within an hour. With the possibility of copying the settings and use of templates, the monitoring will be implemented quickly.

Other benefits of TSMS:

  • Monitors your whole IT environment
  • Prevents serious and often costly faults (pro-active)
  • Suitable for both larger and smaller organisations
  • Extended signalling capabilities
  • Automatic recovery actions
  • Flexible integration with other systems
  • Continuous overview of your ICT environment
  • Minimal impact on your production systems
  • Monitoring across ISDN or satellite connections is possible
  • Very low network traffic monitoring of guarded environments
  • Central configuration
  • Short installation and implementation time
  • User-friendly platform-independent
  • Monitoring of secure environments through web browser
  • Prevents endless troubleshooting
  • Powerful filtering prevents receiving too many messages
  • Report incidents
  • Substantial cost reduction in system management
  • Brings continuity into your management
  • IT becomes measurable and transparent