Comparison editions

Hereby an overview of the differences between the editions of TSMS. The Trial version has a duration of 30 days.

See for information about the pricing here

Professional Enterprise
Licenses 30 days
TSMS Agent for Microsoft Server 2
TSMS Agent for Linux 1
TSMS Agent for Unix (HP, AIX, SUN,etc.)
TSMS Agent for Microsoft workstation
TSMS Agent for macOS
TSMS Email agent
TSMS networkload (SNMP get)
TSMS trap receiver (SNMP trap)
TSMS alive check (Network TCP/IP) 5
TSMS OID receiver (SNMP OID)
Features  Trial  Professional  Enterprise
TP Connector
Dashboards – Predefined
Dashboards – Design your own
Notification Templates 3
TSMS Users 10
TSMS Groups 5
Notifications Search
News Ticker
Reports – Predefined
Reports – Design your own
SMS services
Copy settings
TSMS services
TSMS basic course € 300,- € 300,-