On premise versus cloud

Everything that involves the on premise IT environment is managed by IT management. Now  a growing number of companies choose to “go to the cloud”, management often thinks that there can be drastically cut back on IT management. However, in the cloud environments, technical management still needs to be done, but the nature of the management changes.

“Everything is in the cloud.
So management is taken care of? “

Cloud Services

Organizations can choose from different cloud services: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. This certainly has consequences for management. At IaaS you only rent the computing power and you manage the rest yourself. With PaaS you are only responsible for the application and the data. Finally, you have SaaS which is a ready-made solution.

IT management in the cloud

Moving the IT environment to the cloud, of course, has consequences for the management organization. The maintenance of the software systems will be done by the cloud services. But a company does retain its own infrastructure, in the form of workplaces, a local network, and a network connection, which have to be managed. Also it can be sensible to keep some server capacity within the company and not transfer to the cloud.

Usually you have a cocktail of the various cloud services, it is important that clear SLA agreements are made.  So your vendor knows what his responsibilities.