Customer review: NHL Stenden University

In the search for a Monitoring tool the NHL Stenden University, Meine Veld came in contact with Aukje Weening, creator of TSMS. After a few exploratory talks, there were several reasons to purchase TSMS. The energy of the employees and the ability to influence developments was very appealing. And of course it is a Dutch product. The affordability of the monitoring was essential in the decision making.

“A Swiss army knife in the field of monitoring and alerting”

– Meine Veld, NHL Stenden University-

When asked what TSMS has delivered to the university, Meine answers: “A Swiss army knife in the field of monitoring and alerting, all aspects are equally valuable. A simple overview without bells and whistles that contains many useful and powerful tools, with overviews that you can easily recall. ”

Another advantage that Meine experiences with the use of TSMS is the practical division into function groups. A flexible addition of components that you want to monitor is also possible. He is also pleased with the recent addition of dashboards, these show the status of the hardware / processes of a specific interest group.

Meine says:
“I would certainly recommend TSMS to relationships, but it remains difficult to briefly describe the large amount of possibilities.”

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