TSMS – Triangle Solutions Monitoring System

IT monitoring

Monitoring the complete IT environment can be done simply and flexible in TSMS. It is crucial to every organization to detect on time any deviations in all the IT systems, devices, networks and applications and prevent precious downtime. Every IT environment can be guarded with TSMS, as long as the devices talk TCP/IP and/or SNMP.

Your monitoring will be adapted to your wishes with TSMS, from only down time monitoring to complete monitoring of important servers and business processes. Within TSMS you have the possibility to receive extensive reports concerning performance and availability of your entire IT environment.





IT management

TSMS is able to distinguish through extensive product development with the cooperation of the client and high quality.

TSMS fulfills the most important needs, such as guarding IT processes, solve threatening incidents and place reports at one’s disposal about these incidents. TSMS gives you the certainty that your complete IT environment is pro-actively guarded (24/7), to prevent that incidents occur.



Overview of your notifications

overview notifications in the it monitoring

Welcome to your TSMS login screen

Login screenfor your it monitoring

Overview of all your monitored items

Overview monitored items

You can define all your desired values such as file monitoring

files in it monitoring

You can set your own colors for each status via the personal settings

personal settings