Software as a Service (SaaS) is software that is offered as an online service. The user does not have to purchase the software, but concludes a contract on request for a fixed amount per month. Closing a license agreement on request illuminates the customer’s burden to run an application on any device.

Companies have woken up to the fact that people want outcomes, not ownership.
They want customized experiences, and they want continuous improvement, not planned obsolescence.
This isn’t a software story anymore. The table stakes have been raised for every industry.
Tien Tzuo
Founder and CEO, Zuora

Trends in SaaS

We are increasingly opting for a SaaS solution instead of a traditional on-premise solution. An average SME has 20 SaaS subscriptions, which is 4x as much as 2 years ago. Research agency IDC for SaaS expects a worldwide growth of 17.6% for the next 5 years, on-premise will only increase by 3.1%.


TSMS and SaaS

TSMS is extremely suitable to offer as a SaaS solution. If you offer services such as remote management and real-time monitoring of customer environments or want to offer them, then TSMS fits perfectly into that picture.
You log on to the TSMS Server and can view and monitor your customers. Of course, you can also give your customers access to their own network, if this has been agreed within your SLA.
YPIL-Your process in line- “A powerful tool to get things noticed and to be able to act proactively, so my SLA customer is satisfied with the response times.”

– Bas Roering, director YPIL, Your Process in Line –              read more …