Touchpoint! Customer satisfaction research

One of the first touchpoints this year was our customer satisfaction research. Since we have been striving for perfection for years and years, our helpdesk and support scores perfect.

In addition, there are certainly no complaints about our functionalities and what we can do, hats off. Accessibility, response, all perfect. Compliments that we show so little “bla bla”, but just get to work and deliver results, that too is nice to hear.

Some quotes:

“Indisputable background information regarding distinctiveness”
“I think the support is good and the contact with you is positive!”
“Make sure to continue on the same path!”

And we will certainly do the latter. But alas… perfection does not exist… the biggest point that emerged was the modernization of our User Interface.

“Perhaps the administrative interface in a more modern format.”

Of course we won’t let ourselves be told this a second time and so we’re getting back to the drawingboard, and before long it will look a bit more modern.

Here’s a preview of how it might end up looking.