A picture says more than a thousand words

In IT management there is always a need for a presentation mechanism. So that at a glance you can see in a more graphical way what the general status of the managed environment is and quickly zoom in on any points for attention.

In TSMS it is possible to visually represent the technical infrastructure of an ICT environment, whereby work can be done at different levels. Depending on the type of user, the image can be composed. For example, an ICT manager will like to see a complete overview of his complete environment. While an operational manager prefers to only see an overview of the technical components for which he is responsible. But here also applies: one picture says more than a thousand words!

Maps uses drilldown , by clicking on icons with a link you can zoom in to a more detailed map of the network. By clicking on components themselves, you go directly to all important information and notifications of this component. This way you can zoom in on a possible problem.

This module provides a powerful interface to critical management information. Producing data is not an art, presenting this data and transforming it into information is.