New feature in TSMS 09.01.13: Quickly editing the membership in groups for TSMS users

By using MAC (Mandatory Access Control) TSMS Super users can assign permissions to others for monitoring certain IT networks. Therefore TSMS users only get information about the systems for which they are responsible. For example you can give a customer watch rights to his own environment.

The rights to watch, mutate and receive escalations of certain components of the IT network are always assigned to groups and not to separate users. One TSMS user can be member of multiple groups.

With the new feature, it is now possible to see which groups a TSMS user is member off and to adjust this, when editing the user. To edit a TSMS user, go to the Super User menu and click on the edit button. At the bottom you see what group(s) the user is member off and also you can change it here.