Agent-based and agentless monitoring

The IT monitoring uses 2 techniques, agent-based and agentless monitoring. What does this mean and how do you arrive at a good choice which one to use for your own network?

Agent-based monitoring

Agent-based monitoring consists of a software component, usually a small application, which is located on the production servers and collects data. This data is then sent back to the central monitoring server. Where these detailed measurement values provide better monitoring, warning and reporting, as well as a comprehensive analysis for problem solving.

Benefits Agent-based
  • More detailed monitoring data
  • Proactive with automated actions
  • Expand tailor made for additional measurement data
  • Less down time
 Disadvantage Agent-based
  • Agents are installed on production systems, for which internal approval is required.
Agentless monitoring
In the agentless approach, data is collected from computers without installing additional agents. This uses monitoring data from software already installed on the computer, including the operating system and previously installed products.
The main advantage of the agentless approach is that it is not necessary to install, upgrade and maintain additional software programs on any computer that requires information. It is therefore a great option for devices with their own operating system, where you can not install an agent (think of switch, printer, router, etc.) or when monitoring an external network.
Right choice

Good monitoring provides accurate information about all components in the network. This way direct action can be taken. Thanks to this detailed measurement data, the IT department can also be more proactive in their service management. By analyzing the current and historical data, bottlenecks and starting problems can be detected early. This allows the IT department to meet the current and future needs of their customers.

By choosing IT monitoring, which uses agent-based as well as agentless, you get a solution that is easy to use and cost-effective and ensures a clear upgrade in your IT management.

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