Set up monitoring

Monitoring a network is quite a challenge. A good monitoring tool naturally helps you. But even then you will first have to ask yourself what the priority of the different systems is and which people are responsible for this.

The very first step is to make a sketch of the entire network. Then make sure you understand what you monitor and manage. So what are the most important systems, which have to run 24×7, because otherwise the whole company is flat. But also what are the systems that one is unlikely to notice, if they are out for an hour. In this way divide all systems according to their importance, the systems with the most importance can then be configured more sensitively in the monitoring and also escalated 24×7. 

Distribution responsibility

Now it is time to think about which people are responsible for which systems, what are their priviliges and rights and to whom is how and when escalated.

Set up monitoring IT Network company
The administrator can access the entire network and set the settings for the monitoring.
Set up monitoring IT network: Customer A
Customer A only needs to see his own environment and is not allowed to change the monitoring settings.












Our unique solution

TSMS has 3 different users (super, normal or watch user), the type of user determines what his powers are. Where he can use these powers depends on the groups he is placed in and which components are linked to these groups.

The administrator can thus manage and monitor the entire network. Client A (watch User) on the other hand:

  • can not change settings
  • only see its own environment (network A)
  • depending on its accounts settings: receive notifications and reports and can view dashes
Demo site TSMS
Do you want to experience for yourself the differences
between the administrator and the customer?

Then go to our TSMS DEMO SITE