Event Log monitoring

A lot of programs write so much messages in the Windows eventlog that most system administrators don’t even bother to look at them. This is not a desired situation, because some of the messages are very important and reveal the health of the system. With an adequate eventlog monitoring you receive only the relevant messages.

Receive only relevant messages
Therefore it is important to separate the important messages from the less important ones. TSMS offers an extended filtering mechanism, so control which messages you want and which messages you don’t want to receive any more. This prevents important messages from being overlooked.


Benefits TSMS Event Log Monitoring
  • Receive eventlog messages at a central place
  • Eventlog messages are immediately reported
  • Sends the messages to the right person
  • Extended filtering mechanism
  • Receive eventlog messages from other domains
  • Prevents double messages
  • Temporary filters possible
  • Receive only relevant message
Our solution
TSMS receives the messages at a central point. They are also archived there so you can later report how often a certain message has occurred in the last month.
Eventlog messages from a particular application for instance the SQLServer can be forwarded to the database administrators. In this way every administrator receives messages that are important to his field of experience/responsibility.