Changelog TSMS 09.01.12

Fixes and enhancements TSMS 09.01.12:

  • An overview where groups or notifications templates are used by which components or dashes is added in the Super User menu at More Information.
  • In the overview tables in the Inventory there is now also information about mutate groups, watch groups and notification groups.
  • Adding a component password is with two password fields and not readable.
  • In the overview tables at Agent Settings the rows of components whose monitoring is set off, like file system/ processes, will be grey.
  • First time TSMS is started after installation there will be a message like: “Congratulations, this is the first time you Sign In. Start here”.
  • If ESX information gathering (login succeeded) gives nothing the first time, notification is waiting now for next round.

Small Changes TSMS 09.01.12:

  • Result labels checkbox works correct now
  • TSMS Maps with red image, background color also red
  • Popup information appears only once
  • Dashboard better translated to Dutch
  • Dashboard pages with no dashes in it, will be skipped
  • When uploaded a map, the map will be visible right away in the listbox
  • System Settings error messages are now shown as text, no longer as popup messages
  • ESX configuration is now send directly to a TSMS agent
  • ESX history shows also the data store and hardware history
  • TSMS show details changing tabs are working better now
  • Documentation is extended with “Getting Started with TSMS”
  • Logout is also translated in Dutch