Changelog 09.03.01

TSMS 09.03.01 Fixes in new features
  • The bar in Agent Settings
    Style above the menu had a few issues, like information refreshes now when changing the system you work on, the outlining is better
  • Cluster monitoring
    Fixed some issues, like: updating detail history when changing the system you work on, detail information above the menu, the File System list will also update when changing the preferred server within a resource.
TSMS 09.03.01 Other fixes and enhancements
  • Session time out is handling a logout when you are on the TSMS Show page
  • Network Load tab only visible when system has license for it
  • Removed some privacy information concerning TSMS Users, like Gender, private email
  • Adding a new TSMS User is now more user friendly
  • CPU monitoring can also set on and off after Forbidden is used
  • Processes member of a cluster, give detailed information about the resource
  • User Interface improvements

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