TSMS 09.03.00 New Features

  • Encryption
    – All communication between agent and server is encrypted with AES
    – Every TSMS agent sets up a Diffie-Hellman key exchange with the server after installation.
    – All communication to the sysinfo of the agent is checked for possible replay attacks
  • Cluster monitoring
    Now possible to monitor a cluster, a configuration of two or more independent computing systems (called nodes) that are connected to the same disk subsystem. Monitor the resource groups, containing the processes and disk subsystems. TSMS will then notify you when the cluster or resourcegroup has f.e. a failover, failback or down.

Fixes and enhancements:

  • The bar in Agent Settings is extended with more information and a new look
  • Search in notifications screen is in alphabetic order now
  • User Interface improvements

TSMS 09.02.01 Fixes and enhancements:

  • New TSMS Backup Feature is based on the GFS (Grandfather–Father–Son) retention method for maintaining hierarchical restore points. GFS method describes a rotation scheme whereby a daily backup (the son), a weekly backup (the father) and a monthly backup (the grandfather) are created to maintain a hierarchical backup strategy.
  • User Interface improvements
  • Update of the feature to receive SMS via Messagebird
  • SNMP performance improvements
  • Several issues in Process Module
  • Extended Help Documentation


TSMS 09.02.00 Fixes and enhancements:

  • Full automatic installation executable TSMS
    Download TSMS, take a cup of coffee during installation and start monitoring.Screenshot: Notifications in TSMS Trial

  • User Interface improvements
  • Extensive Network Load
  • Network OID
  • Standard reports available
  • Free Trial version available
  • Performance notifications screen improved
  • Performance improvements/balancing server software
  • Agent upgrade possible with https

TSMS 09.01.14 Fixes and enhancements:

  • New User Interface first edition.
  • Exchange mail box changed to maximum 20GB monitoring.
  • TSMS admin email-id is now being saved.
  • Some language changes.
  • Login page, you can use the <tab> key.
  • Community string also double password field.
  • Free Trial version a warm welcome message for new users.
  • Dashes can now be assigned to “All TSMS Groups”.
  • Dashes for tables, sorting order ASC or DESC added as option.
  • A report is now being opened in a separate Tab.
  • Added Data Store graphics to ESX in TSMS Show details.

TSMS 09.01.13 Fixes and enhancements:

  • TSMS reports will appear in separate tab, so user can save it and make a pdf report.
  • In the overview tables in the Inventory there is now also information about mutate groups, watch groups and notification groups.
  • Registry monitoring in Super User Menu, monitoring on/off function has been added in template.
  • Login Screen has new appearance.
  • TSMS Maps linking to another map is activated without a refresh.
  • Mutate a user, you can select the TSMS Groups this user is member of, without having to go to the Groups menu.
  • TSMS User passwords are now conform the Dutch “B.02 9 van de ICT Richtlijnen voor webapplicaties van het NSCS”.
  • When groups with only watch users is added to a system for receiving notification, you will get a warning message.
  • TSMS Email agent notifications are now ordered by TSMS Server on agent sending date and time.

TSMS 09.01.13 Small Changes:

  • Time Sync History is shown in TSMS Show Details screen.
  • Inventory list “you are here” also gives information on separate tabs you are working on.
  • Select listbox in notifications screen text changed.
  • Choose from list Tpconnector is now in alphabetical order.
  • ESX monitoring SWAP monitoring is removed.
  • Cluster members was listbox now text with members separated by “-”.
  • Trial Installation will start IE after installation full screen on TSMS server.
  • Trial Installation Event Log Information and Audit Success is added to Filter.
  • When Session has expired, you will be redirected to the Login Page again.
  • TSMS reports exchange tab is hidden.
  • TSMS reports tab Custom Chapter will disappear when deselected.
  • Adding a file to the monitoring that ends with a \ (like c:\apps\) will be accepted and whole directory will be monitored, including subdirectories and files in it.
  • System alias can not be the same as the system name, just leave the alias
  • blank if you want to use the system name as it is.

TSMS 09.01.12 Fixes and Enhancements:

  • An overview where groups or notifications templates are used by which components or dashes is added in the Super User menu at More Information.
  • In the overview tables in the Inventory there is now also information about mutate groups, watch groups and notification groups.
  • Adding a component password is with two password fields and not readable.
  • In the overview tables at Agent Settings the rows of components whose monitoring is set off, like file system/ processes, will be grey.
  • First time TSMS is started after installation there will be a message like: “Congratulations, this is the first time you Sign In. Start here”.
  • If ESX information gathering (login succeeded) gives nothing the first time, notification is waiting now for next round.

TSMS 09.01.12 Small Changes:

  • Result labels checkbox works correct now
  • TSMS Maps with red image, background color also red
  • Popup information appears only once
  • Dashboard better translated to Dutch
  • Dashboard pages with no dashes in it, will be skipped
  • When uploaded a map, the map will be visible right away in the listbox
  • System Settings error messages are now shown as text, no longer as popup messages
  • ESX configuration is now send directly to a TSMS agent
  • ESX history shows also the data store and hardware history
  • TSMS show details changing tabs are working better now
  • Documentation is extended with “Getting Started with TSMS”
  • Logout is also translated in Dutch